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B.E. Furniture

Johor Malaysia

About Us

B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. is initially known as Bintang Emas Furniture Sofa Sdn. Bhd. in 1984 when it was also organized to match the local market demand by producing solid wood sofa set. While the products have been marketed to both East and West Malaysia with the excellent quality of Malaysia timber work.

            In 1992, B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. still maintained 70% of its products as solid wood sofa set to meet the local market requirement. While the remaining 30% is solid wood double-decker set which have been exported to Japan.

            In 1994, B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. has shifted to produce dining set and solid wood bed set which is 100% exported to Japan. In 2002, We have a portion of 50% dining set as well as bedroom set for Japan market and the remaining half portion was exported to USA and Europe countries.

            From 2003 to 2004, B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. is renowned for its excellent quality wood based furniture products in particular dining sets. Exporting to many global greats including U.S.A, Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries.

           But from 2005 until recently, the exporting countries of bedroom sets  to U.S.A, Canada and etc. B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. has performing well beyond customers’ expectation through the right combination of adept craftsmanship and automated machinery.

            With two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Muar, Malaysia, stretching over 25,000 square meter, B.E. Furniture Sdn. Bhd. is able to meet large quantity order and make prompt delivery to all four corners of the world. Our international customers acclaim us for our appealed designs, from classic to contemporary, marking unceasing distinction. And when required by customers, we also manufacture in accordance to their discerning specifications.

           Over the years, our relationship with customers is cordial and our deliveries are always on schedule. All in all, we are trusted for our supreme quality and committed reliability worldwide.




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